The 10 Treigning Commandments

Whether your coach likes to admit it or not there are certain – let’s say – “unwritten rules” that accompany being a part of a gym community. Most rules are directly stamped up on the wall in plain view for you not to miss, such as, “put away your equipment after use” or “clean your machines when you’re done dying on the treadmill”. However, not all rules are written and - in our opinion - the most important ones are established by the community and culture of a gym. They are unique to each facility but all share some commonalities. Like “don’t be an asshole” for example. 

Think of these as guidelines to make your time at the gym 10x more rewarding. These are the things that your coaches want you to know. They want you to practice them too! If you don’t have a coach then these are going to be even more valuable for you.

Whether you’re new to training or you have been doing fitness for years, this article’s for you. There is a lot of information out there in the ‘fitness internet’ world and for the most part, it’s too much to take in. So here’s “The 10 Treigning Commandments” as a gift, take them – they’re yours! Use them however you please. 

10 Treigning Commandments

1. Thou shalt listen to thy body

Our bodies have been with us from the beginning, it’s the only one we’ve got so we know we’re suppose to treat it right. But what about listening to what it has to say? Start to check in with those cues it sends you. It’s about recognising the difference when we don’t want to workout because we’re under the weather or because we’re being a bit of a baby (we are ALL guilty of this!) There’s good pain and then there’s bad pain. One will help you grow and the other will hinder any improvements. Figure out the difference. 

2. Thou shalt do thy mobility
It may seem boring, but the work done here is what makes your workouts worthwhile. Every (good) coach preaches this, and trust me when I say it’s not because we enjoy picking apart your imbalances & dishing out homework – it’s because we actually want you to improve as an athlete. If there was a way to do this without a little extra effort, we would be all over it, so believe us when we preach the mobility. It may be boring … but it will never be as bad as injury! 

3. Thou shalt encourage thy workout comrades
Whether it’s a partner workout or not, it pays to encourage those around you. This is even more true for your newbie friends in the class. Remember what it was like when you first joined? Kind of overwhelming, yeah? So remember to throw out a “YOU GO SUSAN – YOU BAD THANG” in your next brutal workout because you never know - it might be you needing it from them in a few months time.  

4. Thou shalt add weight
To get the most out of your workout you’ll need to be gradually adding weight to your bar for your big compound movements – like your squat, deadlift and press. Not only will you feel more badass for lifting more but it will tell your body that it’s going to need some more muscle if it’s going to be lifting bigger numbers …. #allthegains! And did I mention that more muscles means you need more food? Yep, another win for adding more weight. 

5. Thou shalt prioritise sleep
Despite being told that “you can sleep when you’re dead” – we’re gunna take that (flip it and reverse it) and just put it out there, that if you don’t sleep - you are dead. Ok so not literally “dead” but your progress sure will be. Sleep is in NO WAY for the weak. Sleep is actually for the strong. It takes courage to choose ‘you’ over other things that may get in your way – work, social outings, that 5th episode of the Kardashians. Prioritising 8+ hours of sleep will give you huge returns in every aspect of your life. 

6. Thou shalt do thy homework
Coaches watch humans for a living. It’s our job to distinguish faulty movement patterns, and give suggestions to correct them going forward. Sure, we refer out when necessary, but before we get to that point we do as much as we can within our scope to help you. 

If your coach is suggesting certain exercises for you to complete to help your movement patterns or help you avoid injury, do us (and YOU) a solid and DO THEM. Something truly crazy might happen, it may just improve your pinched hip, or low back pain, or niggling knee. Who would have thought!?

7. Thou shalt turn that frown upside down 
You know what makes a workout harder? Repeating to yourself how hard it is. Relax your face when you’re starting to feel that pain, try and control your breath a little. It’s not about smiling ear to ear whilst completing soul crushing burpees, but trust me, that resting/very active bitch face isn’t making this any easier. Remember that at some point in time you chose this, nobody forced you to be here. So choose to not make this one workout a real pain for yourself (and everyone else) by remembering what a blessing it is to be able to move our bodies at all! 

8. Thou shalt recover
Train hard - recover harder. Whether that’s foam rolling, pressure point ball releases, sauna sessions, float tank therapy, yoga, a slow walk in nature or upping your magnesium intake. Choose what works for you and do it often. Mental recovery is just as necessary as physical too, so aim to decrease your mindless scrolling just a fraction and increase quiet moments alone with your thoughts. Bus trip to the gym after work? Listen to some music instead of hitting the screen. This way when your body is asking for all of your mental capacity during a workout its not already fried beforehand. 

9. Thou shalt test and re-test  
How to tell if you’re training at a top notch facility? They’ll be focused on helping you progress. And how do they do that? Have a program that tests your capabilities after a certain period of time. Here at Treign, it’s every 12 weeks. Knowing what you were capable of 3 months ago compared to now is always empowering, regardless of how big the change is! 

10. Thou shalt stick it out!
Consistency – it’s key. All of your commandments before will be useless if you’re not consistent. Remember your ‘why’, we’ve all got one. So why do you choose to train? Think about it hard. Because when your alarm goes off and it’s cold and dark and you so badly just want to hit ‘snooze’ and roll over, remind yourself of that why, tie up those laces and get your ass to the gym girlfriend! 

Remember above all, that the gym is a place that is meant to challenge you. We don’t grow as humans by staying stagnant. We must adapt and evolve and in order to do that we must submerge ourselves in environments that demand that little bit more from us. WELCOME discomfort, it is your friend. And while you’re at it remember to smile, trust in your coach & encourage that hard working lady friend next to you – we’re all fighting the same battle. 



Melanie Corlett