Simple Meal Prep Tips

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Preparation is the key to success if you want to create healthy eating habits. Some people believe you have to spend all day Sunday prepping for the week, and this can be a huge turn off! It doesn't need to take all day, but in actual fact, spending time at the start of the week will actually SAVE you time later on.

The coaches here at Treign have put our heads together and come up with 12 simple #TreignTips to help you meal prep #likeaboss!

1. Make a plan
Plan out your meals and snacks for Monday-Friday and then write your list of ingredients from there. Stick to the list!

2. Cook too much dinner
Make 2 or three extra serves while cooking dinner. It takes the same time and then you have lunch prepped for the next day - or freeze it and save for later on.

3. Eggs FTW
Buy 2 dozen eggs, keep one for omelettes, boil the other dozen and keep them in the fridge for a quick snack. They will keep for ages! - (Carrot, hummus, boiled egg.. perfect snack!)

4. Be smart about it
You don't have to do ALL of the prep on Sunday. Just do the things that take the longest. Like roasting vegetables or cooking meat. That way salads stay fresh and you don't waste food.

5. Veggieeees
Choose 4-5 of your fave types of veggies and roast them up on a sunday with coconut oil and garlic. Keep them in the fridge (they will last all week) Perfect for salad toppers or to add in a breakfast bowl or ommelette.

6. Slow cook errrrthang
If you're not using your slow cooker at least once per week you're missing out! You only need anywhere from 1-5 ingredients and it literally cooks while you're sleeping or at work. It can be as easy as throwing a whole chicken or lamb leg in with nothing but some herbs and you have perfect pulled meat for your salads all week.

7. The Magic Trio
When making your meal, make sure you have adequate amounts of fat, protein AND carbs. Never leave one out, they get lonely.

8. Organic Chicken thighs
These delicious morsels are God's gift to food-preppers. They are super delicious and you basically can't overcook them! We've tried! Bake up a whole kg with your fave spices at the start of the week (at the same time as you roast the veggies on Sunday) and you have a perfectly pre-portioned protein serve with less than 5 mins prep time!

9. Salad base.
Always be sure to have an ample supply of salad base.. Whether it be rocket, spinach, kale or lettuce. This way if you're short on time, its easy to whip up a quick salad on the go. We like to mix ours with a splash of Balsamic & Olive oil.

10. Matching Tupperware!
Theres nothing like NOT having to wrestle with the tupperwear cupboard to find a lid that fits. Buy yourself at least 10 of the same high quality container so they stack well together and there is no searching for that.

11. Smoothie cups!
Smoothies are perfect but often they can be time consuming, messy measuring out all the ingredients. Try making a big batch, freeze them in a muffin tray, once frozen store them in a tupperwear container in the freezer. Throw 2 or 3 cups in the blender in the morning and you have a perfect smoothie in less than 1 minute

12. Egg Cups
Love eggs for breakfast but don't have enough time to cook them in the morning? Try mixing your favourite ingredients in with some whisked eggs and divide into a greased muffin tray. Bake for 15-20 mins and store in the fridge. Perfect for breakfast on the go or with a side salad for lunch.

Food prep can be tedious, but it doesn't HAVE to be. It can be as simple or as complex as you make it ... we're simple ladies through and through - but we like to eat yummy food - and stay on track with our nutrition ... Meal Prep is a healthy habit you develop like any other!  

Melanie Corlett