Our Top 5 Mindset Tips on How to Smash that Awful Workout

We all know the feeling. You walk into your gym … you get a glimpse of the workout on the board and your body can already feel the pain that is about to go down.

Tough workouts happen and they’re different for everybody. What might be easy for me could be absolute HELL for you …  and vice versa. So what do you do when you feel the fear start to set in?


Remember – you CHOSE to be here. Nobody forced you into the gym today. You are responsible for your choice … and also for your attitude! Try and remind yourself that you LOVE this stuff! You love a challenge, you love getting stronger & fitter, you love finishing something that felt or looked impossible! Instead of saying (or thinking) things like  “this is going to be so HARD” or “this will suck!” … try something more like “I’m going to feel so proud when I finish this!” or “I’m up for this challenge!”. Your dialogue going into the workout will dictate the dialogue DURING the workout.


Trust that you know your body and how it reacts to stress. Anticipate the pain points before they come… for example; if you know you struggle with burpees, prepare a mantra that you will say to yourself when you hit that stage of the workout. I like to use “stay calm. Just breathe”. It’s simple, but so effective at reminding me to stay composed, relaxed and re-connect with my breath. Try and play out the workout in your head before you start, have a plan, have a mantra, understand where the painful bits will be so when they happen you don’t panic and instead push through like a champ!


“Relax the Face!” I say this to people in workouts ALL the time, and it makes a massive difference. Facially expressing and exaggerating the pain makes it easier for your brain to acknowledge it’s there and send pain signals to your body! Staying relaxed and composed (even if you’re screaming on the inside) will help you massively in getting through uncomfortable workouts.


So I’m going to dish out a little tough love now – but sometimes you just need to put on your big girl panties and do the damn thing. It’s not meant to be easy… it’s MEANT to challenge you. Life is FULL of challenges, and it’s how we walk through those fires that determine where we end up in life. You will never get to where you want to be by staying “comfortable”. So EMBRACE the pain – it means you’re changing. With every rep you’re getting strong, faster, BETTER. So don’t fear a challenge, embrace it. Nobody ever looks back and says “I wish I hadn’t tried hard!”.


On average – a person will quit at about 40% of what they’re actually capable of (That’s a fact!). Workouts are just as much about training your mind to cope with pain as it is training your body to get stronger. Although this sounds hard to believe … all of the pain you “feel” is actually just in your head... I know this is not the most encouraging thing to hear in a workout ..”the pain is imaginary!” … but it is. You are always stronger, faster and more capable than you THINK you are (luckily for you – your trainer already knows this!). Pushing beyond these limitations is what grows us. It’s what makes us stronger – in body and in mind. Pushing through uncomfortable workouts .. when your mind is pulling every trick in the book to get you to quit … is how we become better versions of ourselves. There is no short-cut or magic- bullet… It’s hard work –  but as are all worthwhile things in life. Am I right!?

So the next time you walk into your gym and see that awful workout on the board try and repeat .. “I can do this. I know my body. Stay calm. Breathe. Put on those big girl panties. I’m stronger than I know.”  You got this!!


Come TREIGN with us!

Melanie Corlett