Becoming the "Beginner"

We have all had a first day at something.

A new school.

A new sports team.

A new job.

And it’s bloody terrifying.

Being “new” is a not a fun experience …

But we all know that “new” feeling doesn’t last forever, and before you know it you feel like you’ve been there forever and you can’t remember ever feeling intimidated or nervous.

Lifting weights works the same way.

We get intimidated because it’s something new and foreign … and not only is it something we’ve never experienced before …. But our mom and her mom have probably never done anything like it either… And there is fear around that which we do not know.

I avoided uncomfortable situations for the majority of my young-adult life. I would never go into anything I didn’t know I would be good at … degrees at school, sports teams, jobs.

I lived inside my comfort zone 100% of the time.

Which worked well for me for a period of time…

 I did well in school, did well in my job, did well in my sport … as I knew I would … but I never felt like I was living to my full potential. I always felt like I was capable of more. But to BE more you must DO more than you have done before… if you want to see a different result, you must be willing to try something you have never tried before.

So here we are again … faced with the fear of beginning. We look for the “perfect time” or the “perfect reason” or circumstances to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones… but the harsh reality is … time is finite. Every one second more you choose to sit in your comfort zone and hold yourself back is ultimately one second less you get at a healthier, stronger, happier version of yourself.

That’s a high price to pay, wouldn’t you say?

… and all for what? Fear of beginning? Fear of being bad at something?

We forget that every single person on this planet has had a first day. We have all been beginners. Approximately 1000 little humans have taken their first breath on this planet since you started reading this… and you think they care that they will proceed to crap themselves for the next 24 months? NO. They don’t. Because being a beginner is hard work. It’s not always glamorous and sure, sometimes it’s not very fun … but as we know … this feeling doesn’t last forever... and in 12 months time these little newbies will be taking their first steps and saying their first words. They will be stronger, smarter, more-capable versions of themselves. Just like you can be 12 months from now.

So let go of the stories you tell yourself of “why you’re not ready” or “why it’s a bad time” …. The time is now. The place is here. Take the first breath.

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Melanie Corlett