The squat is by far my favourite movement to coach & perform.

In strength training the squat is a compound, full-body exercise which involves moving weight from a standing position into a “squat” (hips at or below parallel) position & then back to standing position. Essentially, it’s your ability to move weight down & back up.

At a glance you would probably assume it was a relatively straight forward and simple movement … and it can be… but it takes many years, a good coach and a few little tips & tricks to get you there.

Here are our top 5 #treigntips to NAIL that squat:

1 – Get your breathing right.

This is the absolute FIRST thing you need to nail if you want to squat heavy and break old PR’s. If you can’t breathe properly you can’t brace properly. If you can’t brace properly you can’t activate the right muscles. If you can’t activate the right muscles then you can’t generate the most power. If you can’t generate the most power …. You see where I’m going with this. Learn how to breathe deep into your diaphragm and pelvic floor + brace your “core” muscles properly. Weight belts can help with this.

2 – Every rep is a 1RM

Sure, an empty bar will always be easier than 100kg … but your squat pattern should look the same regardless. Take every rep just as seriously as you would your 1RM. Think cues like “breathe”, “brace”, “control”, “tension”, “speed”, “power”, “drive” in the different points of your squat. Nail these cues in your warm up sets and they will carry over much more easily into your working ones.

3 – Be a patient lifter

This is a cue I use allllll the time. We’re so used to doing everything as fast as possible that we forget the value and importance of patience & control. Don’t rush to the bottom of the squat… control the barbell. Don’t load weight on too quickly … easy your body into the heavier sets. Don’t bust out 5 reps in 5 seconds … take time between each to feel what’s going on with your body and give your muscles a few extra seconds to recover. Same applies to rest-time between sets. Take.your.time.

4 – Find the right depth for YOU

Not everyone can squat ass to grass and that’s just the law of biomechanics and a result of the environment we live in today. How low you CAN go doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where you should be squatting to either. We want to find the squat depth where you can generate the most explosive tension & power in the hips (this is called torque). Due to the fact we are all built a bit differently, this “sweet spot” will vary for everyone. Finding yours is a matter of a) time … the more you squat the better you will get at figuring out where you feel most powerful. b) mobility … as your mobility improves so does your joint stability and your body’s ability to turn on the right muscles. c) using tools like boxes and plates to control your depth will help guide your body to the place it feels most safe & powerful.


5 - Nail your mental mantra

The squat is not just physical. There is a mental aspect that is just as crucial and often overlooked. In order to achieve a powerful squat you need to recruit the most muscle fibres as possible as efficiently as possible. This process involves experience, time & practice, and a large degree of mental focus. When I set up for a heavy squat I’m visualising my body completing the lift. I’m imagining what the squat will feel like before I put the barbell on my back. I think about sending power to my legs like I’m strapping  jetpacks onto them (seriously!). Getting your mental talk right will work wonders for your squat numbers. Find a mantra that gets you focused,  pumped you up and in the zone!

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