Top 5 Training Tips for Better Results

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After being a coach for almost 10 years I have come across people with all types of training styles. On one hand there is the "Oh I have a gym membership now, that's the hard part done!" attitude. And on the other hand there is the "I'm going to train for 6 hours everyday because that's the only way to get skinny" attitude.

After seeing what works and what doesn't, I've put together a shortlist of the Top 5 Things that get the best results in the gym.

#1. Consistency.

I roll my eyes just writing that word because it's so overused these days that it's almost lost it's meaning! But the most successful clients I see are the ones who make sure they get to the gym when they plan to. They book it in at the start of the week and they work their day around making sure that session gets done. Aaaaand they're usually morning clients too so they don't have all day to come up with an excuse not to come :)

#2. Homework.

Group programs are exactly that, They're for a group. Naturally there are things that some individuals will need in addition to the program so that they can get the best results. As a coach I am always giving out extra stretches or activation drills to people to do on the side. The clients who follow these tips end up progressing miles ahead of the ones who just go home and sit on the couch. Get off that couch and do your damn glute exercises, Ladies! You'll thank me later.

#3. Get involved in your Community!

Training doesn't have to be boring and mundane. It can be a fun, social event that you share with friends! So get amongst it at the gym! Introduce yourself to that person you've been training next to for 3 weeks but still don't know their name. Go to the social events. Exchange numbers and catch up for coffee after class. Do things that enhance the community vibe and before you know it, training with your mates will be a lot more fun... thus making point #1 that much easier.

#4. Athletics over aesthetics.

This one sounds a little corny, but the meaning behind it is really powerful. What I'm getting at is instead of focusing on your muffin top and wanting to make it smaller, how about aiming to run 1km nonstop. Or instead of training to get that thigh gap, why not train to deadlift your bodyweight? Set physical goals that aren't aesthetic goals and watch how much more fun you have.

#5. Take responsibility for yourself.

Realistically, most of us are only in the gym for 1 hour per day. So what are you doing for the other 23 hours? Are you sleeping enough or are you running on caffeine? Are you prepping meals so you can eat well or are you eating out everyday? Are you drinking 3 litres of water per day or are you still barely getting through 1 litre? Have a think about how you spend your day when you're not at the gym and identify areas you think you could improve, then do something about it.

There are so many things that go on beyond the "fitness" that affect whether you see results on a fitness program.... For us, the number one thing ... above everything else is you have to have FUN. Nobody will stick to something they hate doing. Find a gym or a program that makes exercise enjoyable for you. Find a community you genuinely like hanging out with ... and surround yourself with people who will hold you accountable and expect the best you have to give on any given day. Not only do you see the best results this way ... but you LOVE it every step of the way! 



Melanie Corlett