Summer Bodies are Not Made in Winter. HERE'S WHY...


The journey to better health is arguably the longest one you will ever take in your life. At different stages of our life we need different things from our body … so its normal we’re always changing and altering the way we approach health & fitness. Regardless of where you are on your journey … the golden ticket to seeing any sort of “result” at all is consistency and commitment. Whether your goal is to squat body weight, get your first strict pull up, lose 10kg or just fit into your old clothes … you need a long term approach.

This all starts with you.

One of the first questions I ask to prospective members is “are you at the stage in your life where you feel you are ready to INVEST in your health?”. The word invest is really important here, and I want to challenge your thinking on it a little bit…. If you think about planning for a trip to Hawaii (woohoo!) … you will invest time and energy to earn money so that you can go on this trip in 6-12 months time. You make an investment in this goal.

The way I want you to look at and approach your health is exactly the same way. With the help of your coach, you should be establishing goals and setting a healthy, realistic time-line in place to make those babies happen!

But why is it that we have such a damn hard time doing this?!

Why are we willing to wait and put in the work for these "Hawaii"  type goals … but not the ones that relate to our body and health? We want 30 day results or the promise of a new body in 12 weeks time. Sadly (truth be told ....), the fitness industry has played a large role in the creation of these unrealistic expectations … prioritising revenue over duty of care ... and letting consumers think that these are effective ways to go about achieving their goals.

My advice ...

if you catch yourself jumping from one program to the next, buying into the newest flashiest 12 week program ... I want you to think about where you’re at in your health journey. Are you investing in yourself for the long run? Not just for bikini season …

I want you to ask yourself what your goals are... and what you'd be willing to invest in order to achieve them? What would that be worth to you? And instead of planning for the next 30 days or 6 weeks, I want you to set a plan in place for the next whole year. Find a gym you’re proud to call your ‘Fitness Home’ … commit to your goals, and have FUN while you're at it! 

At the end of the day, seeing results in ANYTHING we do will always come down to consistency and commitment. So find a gym that asks this of you. There are far few true “secrets to success” in this industry ... but if I was to name one it would be to find a gym that will ask you to invest in YOURSELF, it would help you to see this investment through all the way ... and then return it with interest. 

Happy Treigning! 

Melanie Corlett