The Top 5 Training Mistakes Women Make


With a new internet fitness fad popping up on your Facebook feed every 5 minutes it’s hard to know what’s “right” or “wrong” or most importantly; what’s going to be something you commit to long-term. When it comes to seeing results, everyone and their grandmother is going to have an opinion… and trust me, I’ve heard them all! … but in my 10 years experience, the most important factors to a successful training program come down to YOU, and avoiding these 5 big mistakes that I see happen way too often!

Have a read of them here …

1-    You’re doing something you don’t enjoy

I see this happen wayyyyyy to often, and as someone who’s pretty passionate about fitness – it breaks my heart to see someone forcing themselves into an exercise program that they hate doing. The days of 45 minute brain-numbing treadmill sessions are behind us ladies – find something that gets you EXCITED to wake up and tackle. Find a program that you enjoy and look forward to doing. This is also the number one way to stay consistent in your training results.


2-    You aren’t setting goals

I’m guilty of this too. For years I found myself swiping aimlessly in and out of my gym with ZERO purpose. Why was I going to the gym? What was I trying to achieve? Aesthetic and fat-loss goals are one thing, but there’s a whole other world of performance based goals that you are missing out on! These types of goals not only give purpose to your training, hold you accountable and motivate you to put in the work but they reward you with one of the best possible feelings in the training world … breaking your past records and hitting a new PB (personal best)!!


3-    There’s no clear path to progression

Similar to the point above, training without purpose and progression is like showing up to University classes with no intention to graduate or get smarter … you just go because people tell you that you should be there. You need to have a clear path of progression on your program, there should be ways for you to get better at whatever it is you’re doing. Take squatting for instance, maybe you start with an air squat, then work your way up to squatting to a box, then without a box, and then from there you start to set 1 rep-max goals and the sky is the limit. Just like you want to improve your performance in all aspects of your life (work, school, parenthood, marriage, friendships …) you should also want to improve your fitness! There’s nothing worse than putting in work and staying the same …


4-    Too much quantity, not enough quality

More, does not = better. There is such a thing as too much training. There are also fitness programs that give you more bang for your buck than others, and it’s important to be aware of them. Efficiency and quality is key here. Remember that your body does a lot for you, and it only has a limited amount of energy it can give you every day without things starting to go south. Finding the right balance in your training is super important … think “slow & steady” rather than “fast & last”. Different styles of training evoke different responses in the body, and too much of any one stimulus can have negative consequences. Find a program that subjects your body to a variety of different tasks (not just the same circuit ‘round and ‘round for 20 minutes until your eye cross over). Doing this will keep your risk of injury and an over-trained body low, and recovery levels, overall health & results high!


5-    You’re playing it safe

This was me for sooooo long. I played it safe in the gym, never pushed outside of what felt comfortable. I would brake a sweat but I never reached any sort of intensity in my training… which would explain why a) I was bored with my training and b) I plateaued and stopped improving. In order for a physical adaptation (change) to occur in the body, you need to give it a reason to do so. You need to show the body that it has to get stronger, faster, fitter in order to meet the requirements of your new environment. If you’re constantly playing it safe and never pushing beyond that comfort zone the body has no reason to adapt and improve. So flirt with that red-zone a little. Not every session of every day … but when you feel you can do better … then do better. Don’t be afraid to hurt a little! In my opinion, there are not many experiences more fulfilling than discovering all the incredible things your body is capable of doing if you just give it the opportunity.

Melanie Corlett