Your Diet Sucks

It’s hard for me to fathom (because I fundamentally disagree) that people think quick-fix weight loss diets actually work.

They continue to believe it, even when they’ve tried it themselves and it didn’t work.

Think about that, despite not being successful personally, they still believe these diets work.

If they didn’t succeed to lose the weight they believe it’s not the diet’s fault. It’s because they’re a failure and should have done more cardio or not snuck in that piece of bread in last week.

Despite not getting any real long term results, I get why they still believe it..

Because fear marketing really works.

Marketing directed at your customers insecurities really works.

Telling people that they’re not worthy until they’re less, it really works.

And I’ll be honest, sometimes it’s not just the marketing that works, sometimes quick fixes DO work (hold on, stay with me).

They work for the small percentage of people we see publicised. And this small percentage of people might find results for the period of the diet (they will usually find a tan, better lighting and a smile once they’ve lost the weight too).

But those before and after shots you see advertised are the exception.. not the rule. Plus, you’re not privy to the real after shots, you know, to see how the diet has helped them with long-lasting results.

For anyone who has in the past tried a quick-fix diet, or is on one right now.. How many times have you gone down this path and how is it working out for you?

It’s not that you’re failing the diet, the diet was built to fail you.  

Remember: If it’s not something you can sustainably integrate into your life perhaps it’s not that you suck, it’s that your diet SUCKS.

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Melanie Corlett