A Quick & Delicious Smoothie For Every Occasion


With the warm weather on its way (it’s coming right?) this is the perfect time to get your smoothie game on point. A smoothie is a great option to make for breakfast when you’re strapped for time or as a post gym meal when your brain can’t handle anything too complicated.

When making a smoothie there aren’t really any ‘rules’, although having one that tastes great is a major win. Another win is that it actually fuels your body. So often I see smoothie recipes that consist of purely fruit and almond milk and while both those things are great, if you just blend them together you don’t make a smoothie.. you’re make a milkshake. There ain’t nothing wrong with milkshakes but I’m a grown-ass woman who excepts a lot out of my body and no way will it be chill with a milkshake for breakfast.

SO. I’d suggest aiming for some sort of macronutrient balance.

What does that mean?

Protein + Carbs + Fats + Greens

= The Ultimate Smoothie framework.

Why do we want macronutrient balance? Well each macronutrient will help you in a different way, put really simply: protein will restore muscle and cell damage, carbohydrates will provide your body with energy and fats will do a whole bunch of stuff! (contribute to brain development, aid inflammatory control, immune function & a plays a vital role in hormone function just to name a few). The greens? They add to your micronutrient intake, which in this day and age we all are lacking (because you know, we eat processed crap that contains slim to none micronutrients).

Why I love them? As the smoothies I make contain all the basics, I can treat it as a meal and be reassured that my body will react well to the fuel I’m giving it. With out a doubt, the smoothies that you make at home are going to be of higher nutritional value than the ones you buy from a cafe or juice bar (unless it’s a super progressive health food cafe which in that case, it’ll probably cost you $15). Plus, the ones you make yourself will always taste better, I promise.


1 x Scoop WPI Vanilla True Protein (or whichever protein you have)

1 x Small Banana

1 x Cup Frozen Mixed Berries

1 x Handful of Baby Spinach

1 x Handful of Ice

1/4 Avocado

1 Cup Liquid (Water, Almond, Coconut, Oat, Cows Milk - you choose)


  1. Blend all ingredients together.

  2. Consume.

Play around with your creations! Make sure you always have your smoothie ingredients in stock. And I’ll leave you with one last piece of advice, don’t make your smoothie the night before to save time in the morning.. They NEVER taste the same - trust me.

Let me know how you go!

Peta X

Melanie Corlett