8 Reasons Why Women Need Strength


I’m a bit fed up of the conversation that women don’t need to be strong or that they can be strong but not grow any muscle (because having too much muscle is gross). Despite what you think about what is aesthetically beautiful, you can’t argue that women don’t need to be physically strong. It’s not just some male individuals who think this but there’s a huge amount of women who believe it too.

You might even be one of them?

I’d like to change this conversation: Women do need to be strong even if you don’t necessarily want to look strong.

Why you ask?

Well here are just a few reasons to why you want strength on your side…

  1. We need strength when we carry our heavy handbags that we shove full with all the necessary items or all our groceries in one trip. 

  2. We need strength for opening jars when we’re the only person around. 

  3. We need strength when we decide to grow a human inside of us and carry it around for 9 months. 

  4. We need strength to manoeuvre taking off a sports bra when we’re sweaty.

  5. We need strength to feel like we have a chance to fight off unwanted physical advances.

  6. We need strength to recover from sickness and injury. The stronger you are the easier (& quicker) this fight becomes.

  7. We need strength to fight the ageing process and be badass as we grow old.

  8. And we need strength because of the fire it lights within us, to remind us of what we’re truly capable of. 

And this is just a small list of why we need strength. Running won’t get you this strength, nor will yoga or pulsing with light weights. It’s no surprise that the way to get this strength is through strength training; by pushing your body with a resistance that is challenging and progressively adding to this challenge over time.

So it’s pretty simple, but it’s not as fun doing it alone, this is where we come in - have you heard about Treign?

Peta x

Melanie Corlett