Embrace The Suck


Hands up if you’ve ever started an Elevate or Warrior workout with a pair of 10kg dumbbells confidently in your hands only to run to other side of the room and exchange them for some 8kg’s halfway through.

Perhaps you had the best intentions of doing box jumps but after 15 minutes of battling it out you caved and decide to finish the last two rounds doing step ups instead.

Maybe you persevered and stuck with that heavy ass 6kg wall ball but after a couple of sets of beautifully executed full depth and impressively high reaching throws your squat starts hitting just above parallel and your ball hits the wall a metre below where it was previously.

I’ll to continue with the assumption that a couple of you mentally have your hand in the air, or at least acknowledge that you’ve found yourself in this situation before.


Sometimes you legit mess up and pick a weight that is too heavy for the workout, I’ve done that. And sometimes you aren’t aware that you’re not squatting full depth, I’ve also done that.

I’m not picking on you for that.

What I am picking on you for though, is giving up when the workout gets tough.

When you CAN squat full depth but you choose not to, because it’s your legs are TIRED.

When you are capable of pressing the 10kg dumbbells but you choose not to, because you have to FOCUS more.

When you can finish your workout having pushed the limits of your fitness and forced your body to adapt and progress, but you choose not to.

It seems counterintuitive for you to CHOOSE the difficult path, but that’s exactly what I want you to do.

I want you to set a higher standard for yourself.

Yeah, it’s hard and yeah, being uncomfortable isn’t fun.


If you want to be better, if you want to be able to do the difficult things, you need to DO THE DIFFICULT THINGS.

No one ever got better at doing box jumps by doing step ups… Just saying.

Jade x

Melanie Corlett