Read This Before You Start Another Diet…

Did you know there’s 8 weeks until Christmas? (Yep, shit just got real). That means it’s also just 4 weeks till Summer. 

Has the thought of beach days got you all anxious about finding a new diet or 8 Week Challenge to jump on? Are you already on one now?

Don’t worry - you’re not alone.

For many, the lead up to the silly season is filled with stress and not just the ‘I need to make sure I’ve got a Christmas present for everyone in my extended family stress’, but the ‘I’m not at my best self and I don’t want to head to social events feeling like this’ stress. 

It’s not an enjoyable feeling to have. 

But before you click sign up to that Summer Shred or 8 Week Challenge, I want you to work through these 4 points with me…

Get real with yourself.

How many times have you gone down this path?

How has that worked out for you?

Hint: If you’re going in for another try, it didn’t work too well. Helping you lose 10kg 5 years ago (and then you successfully putting it all back on) doesn’t mean it worked. It also doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

Stop convincing yourself you’ll be happy when…

What’s stopping you from enjoying your body right now?

The beauty about life is that we’re never done, there is no finish line.

For the perfectionists in the room I’m so sorry, realising this must be your worst nightmare.

If you live your life deciding you’re not worthy of happiness until you’re fit enough, slim enough, toned enough, outgoing enough, confident enough.. you may have some glimmers of that happiness, but it won’t last very long.

The fence post will always move.

Once we feel we’ve reached our goal weight that marker will begin to move. We see that despite hitting the weight we thought we should be at we aren’t as ‘toned’ as we’d like, so we need to lose just a little bit more. And more and more and more. What does that mean for your self confidence if one day you find yourself back at that old weight?

And finally, when will you be good enough?

When will you accept where you’re at right now and make choices about your health or life that aren’t purely on how you look? Accepting where you’re at is a huge accomplishment. And acceptance is not complacency or ‘letting yourself go’, it’s acknowledging that we are flawed human beings, we are perfectly imperfect. 

Congrats girlfriend you sat through the discomfort of asking yourself these difficult questions!

Now if you’re still keen to jump into that diet or challenge you at least know where the desire is coming from. And you know what, some of us are not yet ready to throw in the towel of aiming for perfection.

The desire to improve yourself is an admirable one. But you are made up of so much more than your exterior. It’d be an awful shame to have your biggest asset - time - wasted on such a small percentage of who you are.

Melanie Corlett