Do You Need A Coach?


My job as a coach is far beyond just coaching you through a workout.

Sure, it’s part of it and it’s the part that most people will see from the outside.

But in reality it’s only a small piece of the puzzle. 

You can do squats, push ups and burpees anywhere. 

You can buy a program online and train at a 24hour gym. 

You can run - it’s free. 

All of these things do not need a coach. 

Honestly, it’s NOT about the workout. 

Of course we want you to move safely and hit those epic goals of yours. 

But it’s really not about the workout. 

My job as a coach is actually about coaching you on your mindset. To connect with you on a human level, because (selfishly) it makes us feel pretty awesome when you accomplish great things. 

When you have a coach, you’ve really signed up for having a person in your corner. A person that is there to have a chat after class, to ask for advice about sleep patterns or nutrition, a person that (despite what some may say about the fitness industry) really gives a shit. 

A huge number of people who become coaches do it because they genuinely care. 

And at Treign - we do, we are simply humans who have a inbuilt desire to help others with the tools we’ve acquired. 

Sounds cheesy, but its the truth. 

And sure, sometimes those tools are just not enough to help everyone.

We know this, which is why we are surrounded by numerous amazing humans that we work with in supporting our clients when we are unable to. 

At Treign, in a room filled with 10-15 women our aim is to have a connection with everyone in the room. 

If there is no connection, then the likelihood that you’ll follow what we have to say? Well it’s pretty low. 

So think about that when you’re looking at joining our gym. Do you ‘mesh well’ with the coaches? Do you respect what they have to say?

And more importantly, do you have a desire to feel awesome and look after yourself? (That’s our main goal).

Because if you don’t, we’re not going to do it for you. 

Peta X

Melanie Corlett