5 Women Using The Gram For Good, Not Evil


Instagram is a tricky little vixen. It can be an amazing source of useful, informative, thought provoking content OR it can be brutal, drawing you in and then sending you spiralling down a rabbit hole of comparison and self doubt. To help you navigate this minefield, I’ve compiled a list of 5 top notch chicks that are harnessing instagram for good, not evil.


IG: @megsquats

Meg is a competitive powerlifter and coach. Her instagram focuses on her experience as a bikini competitor and the negative effect it had on her relationship with her body, to finding powerlifting and how her perspective on training, life and her body has changed dramatically. You can also watch her lift some heavy ass weights, which will leave you itching to get into the gym and get under a barbell!


IG: @shona_vertue

Shona is a former gymnast, personal trainer, yoga teacher and creator of the Vertue Method, which combines weight training and cardio with yoga and meditation.

She’s quirky, she’s flexy AF and she gives real, relatable advice on all things fitness and health.

Shona promotes the importance of functionality and long term health alongside the pursuit of aesthetics.

“I firmly believe that if fitness comes at the cost of health, you’re doing it wrong”

Her IG account is a mix of health and fitness education, at home workouts and funny and insightful behind the scenes glimpses of her life.


IG: @lauriechristineking

Laurie (LCK) is a dietetics grad, nutrition coach, blogger and self proclaimed bad-ass. Her IG account is so jam packed with useful, science based nutrition and health information that you could get stuck there for hours, I definitely have, more than once!

She specialises in women’s health, hormones, hormonal birth control, and hypothyroidism but also provides a goldmine of information on how to eat appropriately for your goals, and also just for getting through life without feeling like a sack of crap.


IG: @thegirlsgonestrong & @themollygalbraith

If you are looking for a dose of female empowerment, Girls Gone Strong is where you need to be.

Created by Molly Galbraith (certified strength and conditioning coach) after years of personal struggle with her own body-image and self worth. Girls Gone Strong has now evolved to become an institution for women navigating health, fitness and their relationship with their bodies.  

They have taken a step beyond helping women with strength training and cover a broad range of topics from training during pregnancy, to self care strategies, to dealing with sexual harassment in the fitness industry. Their IG account also frequently showcases bad-ass women killing it in the gym and sharing their own tips.

An awesome mix of helpful information and real life-ness.


Instagram: @nadiafelsch

Nadia is a clinical nutritionist here in Australia who is determined to cut through the B.S. that makes up 90% of what you read on the interwebs about nutrition.

Her approach is simplified, sustainable and balanced.

Nadia provides a mix of recipes, cooking tips, science based nutritional advice and tips on how to improve your mindset and relationship with food. She keeps it light and real with relatable posts about her own life and attitude about food, dieting and living a balanced lifestyle.

One final note:

Every single account you follow on social media should have a positive influence on you in some way.

Whether it’s friends and family, a fitness blogger or a celebrity, you should enjoy their content and it should leave you feeling GOOD about yourself. If a certain account makes you question yourself, doubt yourself, or just leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth, tap that unfollow button girl, because ain’t nobody got time for that!

If you follow any other women worthy of a mention let us know!

Jade X

Melanie Corlett