Confidence In The Weights Room


This is might seem strange, but I’ve always envied the way men will go to the gym together and have a ‘Bro Sesh’. 

You know, they catch up over a few sets of bench press, amp each other up and just bro out on how much they love to lift and train arms (to my male friends out there, this is accurate, right?)

Well, I really think that women are missing out on some of the fun. When women go to the gym together we usually jump on a treadmill or attend a group class.

It’s rarely a time where we get to bond in gaining a new skill, watch how awesome our friends are doing in the class or give her kudos on her defined triceps.

I think at Treign we’re changing that. 

I believe that our group environment is one of the best, where we train as individuals but within a group setting. 

I believe we’ve created this independence in the gym, an independence that most women have never felt before. 

The confidence that our girls now have around barbells and heavy ass weights is unparalleled. 

When they travel for work or holidays they know they have the tools they need and the inbuilt confidence around a weights room that they can train even when they’re not near our gym. 

When you lift with us you’re not just getting a workout, you’re learning a whole tonne about your body. 

You’re putting some pieces of the puzzle together and understanding why certain movements are harder than others. 

You’re connecting with your body and listening to it’s signals when it tells you you can push harder or take more rest. 

You’ll learn to trust your own judgement, because we won’t hold your hand along the way. And on days when you can’t navigate that yourself, we’ll be there to guide you to the right place.

And the absolute best part of lifting weights in our group environment is the combradiery you experience in every class. 

Sometimes you’ve had a shit day and need to lighten your mood, sometimes you want to catch up with friends and other times you just want to be silent and be amongst others who’s goals are similar to yours. 

So yeah, I think we’re creating something similar to the ‘Bro Sesh’…

But you know, a whole lot better …

Peta X

Melanie Corlett