Women Of Treign's Best Of 2018 Blog Posts


Are you new here? Or perhaps you’ve just fallen behind on our content of late? We hear you, sometimes you plan on reading that really thought-provoking article but get distracted by another bright and shiny thing, or have to Ctrl+Tab when your boss walks past because you’re actually suppose to be working.. Ooops..

Well here’s your chance. January days are long, so you’ve got some extra leisure time to peruse through our ‘Best Of 2018’ blog posts.

Now of course, we love all of our posts but these are the ones that attracted the most attention by our tribe.. so we thought ‘heck’ we may as well put them in an easy to find spot so you can binge read the crap out of them!

We hope they bring you new found energy for your training or at least a few lols for the new year.

Here goes..

#1: 11 Reasons Not To Workout..

No surprises why this one did so well, a tongue in cheek list of excuses to just give up instead of go move your body.. Send this blog to a friend who is full of them.

#2: Calories In Vs Calories Out The Not So Simple Equation

This one will make you think twice about skipping meals on Monday because you binged all weekend. It’s about understanding your body and why you need to fuel it.

#3: 6 Truths I Wish I Knew When I Started Working Out

Here we dispel a few common myths that float around the fitness industry (and fitness blogs actually). It’s all the stuff we wish we knew when we first started our ‘fitness journey’ so we hope it gives you a step up on yours!

#4: Your Body On The Pill, What’s Really Going On

Have you been on oral contraception only because a Doctor gave it to you to clear up your skin? Or did you take it as soon as you were sexually active but no one really explained what it did or what it was? Get educated girl!

#5: My Letter To You

And lastly, a little reminder that working out CAN be fun and CAN be something that you enjoy implementing into your everyday life. We give you a few tips of what your dream gym should look like.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane! And stay tuned for some fresh blogs coming to kick off your 2019.

Peta X

Melanie Corlett