The Goal is Not the Goal


What if I told you I could click my fingers, and suddenly you’d have a 120kg back squat, those washboard abs you’ve always wanted and you’d be so fit you’ll always finish the workout before anyone else?

Sounds nice right? You’d probably take me up on that offer, no questions!

Well, I want to explain why, if given the same opportunity, I wouldn’t. 

* Clicks Fingers *

Ok, so now you’ve got your 120kg back squat, your hectic abs and everyone’s getting annoyed because you’re flying through Elevate classes, barely breaking a sweat.

You’ve arrived, my friend.

But as time passes, you start to lose that chiselled stomach, you’ve skipped a few Elevate’s so now you’re having to work harder to finish the workouts, and you seem to have hit a plateau with progressing your squat. WTF is happening?

You see, you never learned how to be the person who achieved those goals. You haven’t gone through the process of strengthening your mental resolve, of committing to the required changes and challenging your body. So now you don’t know how to progress beyond this point and you probably won’t hold on to what you have.

The process is infinitely more valuable than the end result.

Only through the process do we grow into the person capable of achieving our goals and only through the process will we have a true appreciation for what we have achieved. 

Final take away:

The effort you have put in when you achieve something is what makes it meaningful and worthwhile. Next time you are wishing you could already have the thing you’re working towards, remember and appreciate everything you’re gaining by going through the process, it will make success oh so much sweeter!

JadE X

Melanie Corlett