5 Steps To Increase The Quality Of Your Life

When you’re given a chance to head to Byron Bay for a long weekend with your boss, colleagues and partners, you do it. The clarity you can get from removing yourself from your everyday is pretty powerful. You’re out of your normal routine, and therefore away from the same stories you tell yourself each day. Of course most of us dream of a regular getaway and they’re not that easy to come by given today’s way of life - we don’t have unlimited annual leave for the holiday nor a bank account to sustain it. So as these holiday re-sets are quite rare it’s great to find a way to reinvigorate your life, business, health or relationships without the necessary escape. And in this blog I’ll tell you how.

Our Treign team were lucky enough (so #blessed) to head north to learn how to optimise the next 12 months of the gym. Along with this was of course some development of our own kind that needed to take place. Our business coach Drew quoted that “business growth seldom exceeds personal growth” but how can you expect one aspect of your life to grow when you’re ignoring another part completely? There will always be something that is pulling you back down to your base level.

Whilst it took us 4+ hours in the Byron hinterland surrounded by no distractions guided by an incredible business and personal development coach, there is a way you too can make a framework for your future.

Drew (our coach) took us through a really simple and effective exercise that will help with where you need to focus your energy towards in your life. And in turn will help growth not only in that area but in all areas of life.

How? Here goes..

Step 1:

Divide your life in to 5 different categories - Health, Career, Relationships, Environment & Net Worth.

Step 2:

Allocate 5 minutes or so for each section. Really think about what your current situation is in these areas. Also think about what you’d like those areas to look like.

Step 3:

Honestly rate each category out of 5. Give some reasons to yourself as to why you’re giving it that number.

Step 4:

This is where the magic happens. Where are the lowest scores in your list? Now what are a few steps you can take today that will help to begin to change these scores?

For example, if your “Health” score was ⅖ this can have a huge flow on into other areas of your life. So what are simple things you can implement to radically change that score? If you’re constantly injured go make an appointment with a practitioner that can help you NOW. Or reach out to a friend that has a healthy relationship with food and make them your accountability buddy for cleaning up your eating. Whatever it is it should be actionable ASAP. Not something you “should do” in the future.

If your relationship score is ⅗, what conversations do you need to have to optimise the relationships you’ve surrounded yourself with? Perhaps you need to distance yourself or have some difficult conversations with a few people that are constantly letting you down.

Step 5:

Write it down and have an accountability buddy. If you write it down it’s more tangible rather than an idea in your head. And once you’ve told someone about it they can call you out next time they see you treating your body like shit or hanging out with that guy who you know’s bad for you.

We found this exercise really powerful. But it did require us to lean into some discomfort. So be prepared for that. But afterwards you should have a clearer picture of where and how to optimise your life.



Melanie Corlett