All That Glitters Is Not Gold


The way we interact with the world around us is changing now more than ever. We have so many outlets to experience other peoples lives and we can get this information in an instant. It’s what we humans do, we’re sucked into a story.

We all create a life online that we’re happy with others seeing. With each choice we make about the pictures we upload or the articles we share, we skew what our stories really are. And that's okay, its only natural, we tend to share the good and suppress the bad or challenging. 

What you see is a glittery version of someone else’s life. And depending on who you follow on social media, some are more glittery than others. 

So take this as a gentle reminder that it isn’t a race. Try not to get blinded by comparison. Learn from others at different stages of their lives. Understand that your story is still evolving, and no story is exactly the same. How fucking cool is that? 

Melanie Corlett