The Fear Of Missing Out


The end of financial year is a chaotic time. For many industries it means longer work hours, budget scrambling and high stress to get things all set for July. And then there’s the sales. Most retailers will have an EOFY sale. It’s a chaotic time because we’re told that we’re getting a great deal, it won’t happen again and all stock WILL sell out. If you don’t do it now, you will miss out. Yes, the fear of missing out is real and it'll be used against you everytime. 

Why does FOMO get us so bad? Because if you miss out you’ll be left behind. And if you’re left behind it’s because you're lacking. And if you're lacking, well.. you’re just not enough. And that’s where it really hits us. The feeling of not being enough. 

We see this happen in the fitness industry when gyms sell challenges. We know the basic model of a challenge helps clients with a buy in. Have you purchased your 8 week challenge bundle? The challenge has a start date and that date is getting closer and closer. Summer bodies are made in Winter and it’s Winter now so if you miss out on this challenge you’ll have to wait till the Spring challenge and by then IT’S TOO LATE!

And so we head down that path again. It’s why that call to action works so well. Because if you miss out on this one, well you’ll never be enough. Once you know the tactics you may choose to buy in to fear or refuse. So what if you chose to prioritise your body 365 days of the year instead of just Winter? No missing out. No yo-yo training. Just giving consistent effort and getting consistent results. What would that feel like?

Melanie Corlett