My Letter To You


I remember hating exercise for a long time. 

It was boring and uncomfortable and such a nuisance to my daily schedule.

On the days I ended up working out it was always because I felt I “should” or I “had to” … never because I genuinely wanted to. 

And I thought that was normal … I thought that was how everyone felt about exercise and some people were just way more disciplined than me … 

Was I ever wrong.

The truth is, it doesn’t have to feel that way. 

And it doesn’t take increased “motivation”, “discipline” or “tough love” to happen either … 

You don’t need to muster up the motivation to buy a new pair of shoes … because you ENJOY buying shoes

Well girlfriend, believe it or not, exercise CAN feel that way TOO.

You just have to find a place & style of training that you actually enjoy and that makes you happy.

It wasn’t until I found strength training – something I loved doing, that challenged me and kept me coming back for more – that I mysteriously developed this “self-discipline” and motivation I thought only applied to those “special” high performing people


Turns out they’re not special. They’re just having FUN.

And so can you.

After nearly 10 years of this stuff I have picked up on a few key ingredients to a successful training recipe … 

Let me share them with you.

1. The environment must be FUN:

Are the trainers cool? Do they make YOU feel cool? Do they laugh and hug and play fun music and create a fun environment to workout in?

2. The training must be FUN:

Are the movements exciting? Is there a way to measure progress? Is the program challenging and adaptable? Do you finish thinking “F*CK YEAH I’m a badass!!”

3. The community must be FUN

Do you know the name of the person next to you? Does it feel like you have a tribe of super women backing you? Every now and then does someone throw out a fist bump, high-five or bum tap? 

4. There needs to be a support system

Even if we enjoy our training, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. We need a support team behind us, holding us accountable and keeping us on track with our goals. Your coach should be more than just a voice you hear around the class … they are your truest supporters. Nobody wants to see you succeed more than them.

5. The focus should be performance, NOT aesthetics 

Despite what we’re constantly told, training is actually about what your body can do – not what it looks like. Looking “fit" doesn’t necessarily mean that you are. That’s not to say aesthetic goals aren’t important, they just shouldn’t be the focus of your training. Trust me when I say - it’s WAY more fun this way.

To end my letter, I just want to say

I know how it feels … 

So (girl to girl) let me be the first one to stand up and say IT’S NOT YOU – IT’S THEM.

It’s the repetitive exercise program you’ve been following for 6 months. It’s the monotonous treadmill. It’s the lack of structure and purpose and challenge and FUN.


But it is on you to demand and seek better for yourself.

Because it’s out there … 

And it’s AWESOME.


Mel x

Melanie Corlett