Dealing with the inevitable


It is a truth in life that at some point you will get injured. When we push our bodies past what they’re capable of (which we should want to do, you know, to be better) the body will fail to adapt properly at some point.

So if it’s a sure thing and something that you will most likely experience, why do you skip out on a gym session when you sprain your wrist or break your toe?

Why do you immediately withdraw from the thing that’s keeping you strong and capable as soon as an injury comes your way?

There is most likely something you can do at the gym to help fast track your recovery or just keep you consistent and mentally sane during a time of extended injury.

Talk to your coaches, know what your limits are and work within them.

How you face an injury says a lot about how you show up in other areas of your life. If your broken toe is stopping you from bench pressing then you’ll probably pack up and head home as soon as something gets hard at work or in a relationship.

We’ve had girls with broken toes, chronic wrist injuries and snapped achilles all training through their recovery because it makes them feel good.

Yes rest is necessary for repair, but movement is necessary for growth and the healing of injuries.

So next time you're injured and thinking of taking some time off training know that not moving is never the answer.

Peta X

Melanie Corlett