What Do You Really Want And Why?


Intention is a really powerful thing. So, what is it that you want? We can really head down a rabbit hole here as it's a fairly loaded question, so I’ll simplify it for you in the realm of fitness.

What do you want to get out of joining a gym? What is your "why"?

Here’s a story of two women and how their success is directly linked to their "why".

The first woman has never been able to have a consistent exercise routine. Slowly, she gained over 15 kilos over the years due to lack of movement and an increased desire for food that doesn't add to her health.

Her "why" to join a gym?

She wants to lose weight.

The second woman has also never had a consistent exercise routine. She too has slowly gained nearly 15 kilos over the last decade. And her diet has always been something she has really struggled with.

Her "why" to join a gym?

She wants to change her fucking life.

Now out of these two women, who do you think will succeed on their journey?

What "why" is stronger and has a more emotional pull on the individual?

Regardless of what you think - I know which one works. Because we’ve experienced it here at the gym.

The desire to want more for yourself will always be a stronger pull than wanting to be less.

So figure out what you want and why as knowing this is a powerful tool to help you on your fitness journey. 

Peta X


Melanie Corlett