Weight Loss Obsessed


Writing about weight loss is hard. There's an expectation that what you write should work (obviously) and that whatever you write must be new and unknown, that you’ve got the magic bullet that will finally help the reader lose weight. But we actually deserve better. I don’t want to write an article giving you tips for losing those last 5kg. Because I know that that’s not going to really add value in your life. Getting you to think a little bit more about your desire for weight loss, well that’s something that gets me excited.

Look back and try and find the moment where you first decided you needed to lose weight. Was it something someone said, a magazine you read or movie you saw? How old were you? Now think about how many years it has been since that first moment. How many years have you been telling yourself that same story again and again? How many kilos were you trying to lose then compared to now? We always think we’ll be happier just a couple of kilos lighter. Rarely are we happy with where we are in this moment. Where do we pluck these numbers from? And what happens when we get there? Our weight is constantly in flux so how bizarre is it that we measure it so dramatically. 

(If you weigh yourself daily - step away from the scales girl!)

I understand we need to discuss it. Today around 62% of Australian adults are obese. I understand the reality of it and we've got to do better. But the same message has been playing for decades and how healthier have we become as a whole? Being told every day through multiple mediums that we’re not enough isn’t the answer. We’re told that we’re not worthy, that there needs to be less of us, and that the smaller we get the more we’ll be liked, or loved. 

When you look at that written down, it’s pretty bleak isn’t it? We need to reshape the conversation about weight loss. But it starts with you, the individual, making a choice for their health and happiness. By telling these messages to F$@* off and that you’ll be the judge about your own self worth. Surround yourself with people who don’t buy into the BS.

And if you need somewhere to help you on that journey? Well, that’s where we come in.

We focus on the weight on the barbell rather than the weight on your hips. We understand that your weight does mean something, but it’s not the whole picture. And we look at you as an individual who experiences life completely different to the girl next to you. And we do this with constant support, lifestyle advice and 12 week check ins 'cos that’s how we roll.


Melanie Corlett