Consistency Is Queen


Going all out at the gym everyday for a week then burning out and not going for a month isn't going to make fitness a part of your lifestyle, nor is it going to get you the 'results' that you're looking for.

Cutting out entire food groups, drastically restricting your calories or only drinking celery juice for a month isn't going to make healthy eating a part of your lifestyle either. 

Real health and fitness? Well, it's a lifelong process. 

We want you to create good habits and stay consistent. It's the seriously small things that you do consistently that will lead to long lasting change. 

Try adding some of these in to your routine..

  • Add in a 10 minute walk outside every day. (Nighttime walking can be great before bed).
  • Give yourself a 15 minute block before bed that doesn't include your phone or TV.
  • Try meal prepping just one meal, say breakfast, for everyday of the week. Start at one, if this works add in preparing lunch too.
  • Foam roll or stretch on the floor in front of your TV, serious multitasking. 
  • Or plan your week ahead of time and commit to your gym sessions on a Sunday night. 

And while you're at it, when you're looking for a gym to help you get some #wellness.. Find a gym where the coaches actually REALISE when you haven't trained in a week and will check in with you to see how your going. It's called "accountability" and it works.

Find a gym that has 12 week consults to help track your progress, discussing any areas where you feel you are really struggling with (think food, sleep, stress, headspace). 

But most importantly, find a gym that actually cares. It's easier to turn up to the gym if you know the people there are invested in you and your life. 

Peta X

Melanie Corlett