Sorry, you're not special


Remember when you were little and you didn’t want to eat your greens? Your parents might have said something along the lines of, 

“You have to finish it all. There are children starving in Africa”.

And you would have replied like any obnoxious child does,

“Well they can’t eat my leftovers so why does it matter?”.

Well, what we realise now and not so much as a child is that our parents were attempting to teach us a valid lesson. That we are fortunate enough to have food on our plates. That we had access to the food that others did not and not to take for that for granted.

As we get older, that message is told to us less. But I feel now we’re old enough to actually listen to it. Comedian Ricky Gervais posted this to Instagram yesterday,

“We are on a rock travelling around 1 of 100 billion stars. Our species is 1 of over half a billion that have ever existed. Our chances of being born are about 1 in 400 trillion. You're not special, but you are fucking lucky. Enjoy your amazing life. You'll never exist again.”

Talk about reality check. We are not special but we are lucky. That’s about as real as it gets. You are no better than anyone else. Be grateful for what you have and the opportunities that you come across. Can’t handle the cold? It’s not a tragedy that it’s cold in the mornings. You know this happens every year. You experiencing the cold is no different to anyone else experiencing the cold. Except that you’re lucky enough to have the means to defend yourself from it.

Practice some damn gratitude will you? Next time your alarm goes off and you start to weigh up the pros and cons of hitting the gym, remember those who do not have the luxury of moving their bodies with ease. Show your body some respect. Eating your greens and waking up early to exercise might feel like a tragedy but it's actually a nicely disguised reminder of how lucky we are to have access to healthy food and can enjoy our capable bodies.

No you are not special, so put on all the layers and get your ass to the gym.

Melanie Corlett