Why I'm Jealous


Let me just start by saying you may or not believe what I’m about to say, it might seem a little strange, but sometimes I get really jealous of the women who I train at our gym - the real “Women Of Treign”.

Before I found Treign I was actively searching and waiting for a gym like ours to open up. My first thought when I stumbled across our Instagram page wasn’t that I wanted to coach here (okay so it was my second) but was that I wanted to train here.

I longed for a gym where there was clever and structured programming. I was so sick of workouts with 100 different exercises with no opportunity to learn and refine a skill. I wanted a gym where if I put my mind to it, I could really progress with my strength and fitness and I’d know I was progressing because I’d be tracking my workouts.

I longed for someone to share my wins with and someone I could ask for help in what goals I should be setting. I wanted a deeper connection with a coach, one who really seemed like they gave a shit about me, not just as their client but as their friend.

I wanted to find a place where I could lift weights and feel strong, the stuff I love to do, but also a place that pushed me to do the things I didn’t love to do *cough* cardio *cough*. I wanted a place where I was pushed to do better and be better, even and especially when it made me feel uncomfortable.

I longed for a sense of community. To walk into the gym and not only know my coaches name, but know the names of the people around me. For the people around me to know my story and what I’m interested in. To have real ‘gym friends’.

And the crazy thing is, I finally see this dream place I longed for here at Treign. And I feel so stoked I’m able to be a part of creating this epic place for our girls. So, yeah, I sometimes get jealous when I come to class. Because I see a bunch of women who genuinely enjoy being here, who’ve finally found a place they feel is right for them. They’re already warming up, doing their individual mobility work, practising a skill they’re wanting to nail, or just catching up with the other girls. 

In the industry you see a lot of coaches following different programs than the ones they teach, or working out with their own “elite community” ... but at Treign it’s not rare to find a coach sweating it out next to you in a Saturday morning Warrior class or joining in on brunch afterwards. We created this space because it’s everything we would want in a gym and we’re proud (and yep sometimes a little jealous haha) that we get to offer it to these amazing women.

Peta x

Melanie Corlett