Move Better, Safer And Stronger


The fitness industry can sometimes overcomplicate things. There are absolutes thrown around like confetti. There's a lot of ‘I’m right and you’re wrong’, but in regards to movement it needn’t be overcomplicated. Understanding how to get someone out of pain can be fairly basic in most cases.* 

Understanding incorrect movement patterns can take time. And not being a Chiropractor or Physiotherapist means that us coaches need to work within our scope to help clients move better, safer and stronger. 

At Treign, we recently discussed our train of thought when walking through exercises with clients. To make it really basic, we simplified it into a few questions. 

What is working? What isn’t working? & How can we activate what’s not working?

So putting this into practice..

A client has pain in their back whilst deadlifting…

What is working?

Their back. 

What isn’t working?

Their bracing system: the abdominals &/or their hamstrings. 

How can we activate what’s not working?

Core and Hamstring activations, think dead bugs, hollow holds, Hamstring curls and Glute bridges to ensure the deadlift is loaded correctly. 

Then we take action and reassess afterwards. 

Simple right? Now imagine you're the coach. You're coaching a class of 35 people who are all on different exercises, working for only 40 seconds before they switch.. Are you able to properly trouble shoot your clients movement pattern to help them out of pain? Can you test and re-test once you've given them corrections?

If you’re experiencing some kind of discomfort in your knee or back or shoulders ask yourself if you’re in the kind of environment that is set up to help you resolve and fix that? It's a common thought that going to the gym is meant to get you fit and that all gyms are created equal. But the gyms purpose is also meant to get you moving BETTER with LESS pain and to IMPROVE your life.

Real problem solving takes time, and so does real coaching.

Choose a gym where the coaches are empowered and educated enough to find a solution as well as having the time to do so. The fitness bit is easy... correcting 10 years of bad movements patterns... that’s what separates the good from the great. 

*Yes there are cases where you need to refer a client out to get someone out of pain, but I'm not talking about those cases..

Melanie Corlett