Are you In A Funk?

The beautiful thing about life is that there are ups and downs. Of course we all crave an abundant amount of happy moments, we want to be happy everyday and all the time. 

And yet, your ups are only ups if you’ve felt the depths of downs.

You've heard this one before right? 

"There is no light without the dark"?

We need to experience pain and sadness and anger in order to appreciate love and joy and peace. And it's natural for us to have waves of up and down, but understandably, the down is not so fun. So, we need to take care of ourselves during these down moments, we need to create some simple ways to help pull us out and change our headspace.

Through years of trial and error (self awareness is SO much fun) I have figured out that for times I'm in a funk, I'm unable to just 'think' my way out of it.

For me, in order to change my mental state, I've got to change my physical state first.

So, instead of overthinking I start doing.

First I change my physical state.

Either getting outside for a walk or hitting the gym for a workout (here’s where having a flexible gym - like ours - can come in very handy) both will do wonders for your mental state. 

You know those days where you aren't really feeling it but go to the gym anyway? How much better is your mood afterwards? So much better right?

Then, I change my intake.

What foods have I been eating? Have I been nourishing myself with fresh foods? Have I actually been eating enough? (Also - why as women do we tend to wear this as a badge of honour? I'll leave this perhaps for another post). 

What liquids have I been drinking? Usually if my body has ingested more caffeine than water - oops - then I’m in for an interesting day.

Has my skin felt the rays of the sun today? And have my lungs taken in slow, deep belly breaths?

Give your body what it deserves when your mind is in chaos. We need movement, good food, water, sun and fresh air. 

Sure, it might not completely revolutionise how you're feeling but I promise you, giving your body what it thrives off can't ever be a bad thing - right?

Peta x

Melanie Corlett