Tidy Up


A wise coach once said,

“You know how it takes 10 seconds to trash a room but it takes hours to clean it up? Well it takes the same with your body”. 

Not only is it quicker, but it's 100% easier to do the trashin' than the cleanin' (it's also much more fun). Lucky for us, our bodies are resilient AF. We can throw a lot of shit at (and in) our bodies and they will survive for a while, but if they continue to get hit they will break with injury or disease, whichever comes first.

When exactly? Well if you really wanted to, 3-4 months of unhealthy eating, disrupted sleep patterns and no physical activity will do some damage. 

Think about it, have you been acting like an asshole towards your body? We're all guilty of it. Maybe it’s late nights, shitty food or binging and starving yourself with your yo-yo dieting. Or perhaps it's the litres upon litres of wine, inconsistent movement and working 16hours a day. 

A combination of this will do the trick. Before you know it, you're bodies pretty trashed.

If it’s been a whole year of this, you’ve most likely got more than a year to work your way back to optimal health. But if you’ve pretty much never given a shit about your body? Well then you've got one hell of a journey ahead of you.

Don't let that dishearten you - let it light a fire in your ass and energise the shit out of you! 

You may not have control over so many things in life. But you have complete control over how much love and effort you put into healing and building your body into something freaking epic. 

Quit the trash and focus on health, I assure you'll feel better for it.

Peta X

Melanie Corlett