Get Off Google

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Ah my old friend Google how I love you so. You help me when I need to figure out who the voice of Elsa in Frozen is (Kristen Bell) or when I need to know why I keep killing my indoor plants (not enough sunlight) and even when when I need to find the capital of Botswana (Gaborone - I mean who knows that?)

But when it comes to food and nutrition Mr G has really got us perplexed.

We are so used to getting the exact answers we want at the drop of a hat (because in most cases we can) that we think we can google our way out of our issues with food. 

And despite the millions of articles and books published about nutrition, we're unable to get the answers we really want. 

The thing is, there is no a secret answer, the knowledge you need to have for a decent level of health to look and feel good is pretty basic, you probably know it already.

Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, plenty of leafy greens, complex carbs, whole grains and dairy if they work for you, lean meats, fresh fish, nuts & seeds. And drink water, a whole heap of it. 

We don't need more information.

We don't need more answers.

We aren't missing out on some secret of the universe.

We need to trust the process.

Step away from the search engine - start nailing the basics. 

Peta x

Melanie Corlett