Life Lessons From Bey

Over the weekend, I, like millions of others, watched the recently released documentary Homecoming, described as an intimate, in-depth look at Beyoncé’s 2018 Coachella performance.

Bey produced and directed the documentary herself and included behind the scenes glimpses of the creative process and her personal journey in the lead up to her performance.

Watching Bey’s Coachella performance was OBVIOUSLY incredible, I mean, I got actual goosebumps when Destiny’s Child appeared on stage.

Even my dog was enthralled.

Here are my three biggest takeaways from Homecoming:

1. Beyoncé is not just Beyoncé

“You have the same number of hours in the day as Beyoncé.”

This quote is often thrown around social media, intended to inspire and motivate, while actually just causing subtle feelings of anxiety, inadequacy and failure… because how could we possibly stack up against the Beyoncé?!

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is a goddess, that is undeniable.

HOWEVER, Beyoncé is not just that amazing woman.

Beyoncé is in fact, a brand, an entire team.

Hell, I’d even go as far as to say Beyoncé is it’s own vibe.

There were many, many helping hands that contributed to every element of that performance, from building the stage, to the dancers and orchestra, the choreography and the costumes.

Beyoncé showed that it takes an entire team of passionate, hard working individuals to create something special and that having a good support crew behind you is everything.

2. Beyoncé is all of us

In those (albeit brief) intimate moments Beyoncé revealed that behind the enigma, is a woman who gets tired, just like us, who struggles to prioritise work while wanting to be at home with her family, who after a difficult birth to twins, felt pressure to bounce back to her pre-pregnancy body to the point where she subjected herself to an extremely restrictive diet and gruelling training schedule to make sure she fit into her old costume.

Even Beyoncé is not immune to social expectations and diet culture.

Even Beyoncé struggles to “do it all”.

3. You get out what you put in

Beyoncé didn’t spend just weeks rehearsing for Coachella. She spent eight months preparing for a two hour performance.

after giving birth to twins

She didn’t need to put that level of effort in, she could have still put on a good performance and people still would have loved it. Instead, she chose greatness, and put in the effort required for a historic, memorable performance.

The level of success you achieve in anything you do, is a direct result of the amount of effort you are willing to put in.

Final thoughts:

I’ve always been a fan of Beyoncé the singer, the actress, the entertainer. But now, I genuinely respect Beyoncé the woman.

She has mastered riding that line between giving us the Beyoncé we want, and also staying incredibly true to herself and her values, and using her platform to empower her community.

Jade X

Melanie Corlett