4 reasons why you should train in an all female environment

The initial image your brain might conjure up when you read the words “all female gym” is probably along the lines of: light weights and machines in full body, cardio based 30 minute workouts with a focus on fat burning and sculpting.

I don’t blame you, because that’s exactly where female gyms started when they began popping up in Australia in the late 80’s. 

The female focused gym started as a tool of segregation. 

Women didn’t belong in regular gyms, training for athleticism and lifting weights with the men. They needed a space to feel safe and confident yes, but also to exercise the way “women should” in order to burn fat, lose weight and meet societal expectations of how a woman should look

Thankfully though, our concept of health and fitness is growing and evolving to demand equal opportunity. Women now want to train with purpose, we value performance and athleticism and we want to feel strong and fit. 

This has created a downward trend in the female gym space, with more women opting to train in gyms that facilitate this need for purpose in our training.

But as our values and expectations have changed, female gyms are changing too. At Treign Fitness we are challenging the concept of what a female gym can be for women.

What started out as what I can only describe as a misguided band aid solution for the challenges women face in the gym, has evolved to properly support women’s true needs. 

You see, women’s only gyms are not just about fitness (and I’m not talking about spa treatments and hairdresser facilities).

Here are four reasons why you should want to train in an all female environment:

1. You will be more confident

Let’s start with the most obvious one, the initial reason that gets most women through the door.

Training in an all female environment means that you don’t have to worry about unwanted attention from male gym-goers, or about being ogled at as you simply try to get through your workout. 

You’ll no longer feel out of place in the weights section, or too self conscious to try an unfamiliar piece of equipment.

When you’re training with a group of like-minded women, you don’t have to worry about JUDGEMENT. 

Judgement for your level of strength and fitness, for not understanding a new movement, judgement for what you’re wearing, how your body looks, or whether your hair or makeup is done. 

The relief is immeasurable, and training in this type of environment will set you up to build confidence and capability.

2. You will feel understood

This is not to say that men can’t coach women extremely well and effectively, but you will never feel understood on the same level as you do when being coached by a female, particularly in relation to your body.

At Treign, the conversation can range from movement to women’s social issues, to nutrition, to periods, to motherhood and a thousand other things.

When you train in an all female environment, you know that your coaches and the women you’re training with have been through what you’re going through, in training and in life, and are available to talk it out or offer advice when needed.

3. You will feel inspired

Yes, you can be inspired watching a guy lift a ridiculously heavy weight but the automatic thought that follows is that he’s a man, and you’re a woman. You could never do what he can.

When you train at a women’s gym though, the level of inspiration is unparalleled. Watching your female friends lift weights and getting in on the hype is an indescribable high. It makes you feel like you can do anything, and that you’ll have a cheer squad right behind you every step of the way.

4. You will learn more than just how to lift weights

Yes, primarily you’re going to the gym to improve your fitness. What you’ll find though, is that you’ll also learn a lot about yourself.

We’ve long spoken about the benefits of training that extend beyond the gym. Training can be a powerful vehicle for female empowerment, and this is amplified when you are sharing that with the women around you.

I’m not saying men aren’t supportive in facilitating this growth for women but nothing beats sharing this journey with others going through the same thing. 


The hour you spend at the gym should be the most liberating, empowering hour of your day.

No longer do we want “easy to use equipment” and “female friendly” classes. We want to sweat, we want our muscles to burn, we want to thrown down with heavy ass weights. We want to struggle and come out the other end of a workout feeling equally ruined and resplendent.

We also want to do that in an environment where we are understood, and supported in the way only women can support women.

We want the best of both worlds and we fucking deserve it.


Melanie Corlett