I’ve got a Quick (but ACTUALLY PRETTY loaded) question for you, friends:

What does success in the gym look like to you?...

Is it about reducing the number on the scale? Or fitting into a smaller pair of jeans? Maybe it’s increasing the weights on the barbell you’re lifting or getting a better row time?

Those are all great ways to measure PROGRESS, but if you think about the real, underlying reasons you train, they go beyond the actual weights that you’re lifting, beyond the intervals on the bike, the wall balls and the burpees.

Progress is easy to measure, just look at the numbers! Are the weights going up? Can you run faster than you used to?

We test our girls four times a year so that they have tangible evidence of their progress.

But what we don’t measure is how the work we do in the gym impacts our lives outside of the gym. If you’re doing it right, your training can have a profound impact on who you are and what you value.

I know, I know, we’re gettin’ real deep now ladies! But bear with me, and I’ll explain five signs of success you should be looking out for that have NOTHING to do with weights, scales, tape measures, or cold pincers grabbing at various body parts (ouch!).

1. Your relationship with exercise has improved

This one is pretty noticeable. You may have started off struggling to roll out of bed twice a week to get to the gym, and now find yourself waking up BEFORE your alarm even goes off, to go train almost every day, and you’re looking forward to it!

When people ask you if you want to play a game of soccer, join in on a fun run or go rock climbing, you’re no longer too busy washing your hair, you’re now the one creating the facebook event! Spartan race anyone?

2. You’ve become a bad-ass

Instead of looking for ways to make workouts easier for yourself, you’re now searching for the challenge, choosing heavier weights and pushing harder to beat your previous times.

Your sense of confidence and capability has improved not only in the gym but in your life in general. You don’t give up as easily as you used to, you have built an IRON STRONG MINDSET. Girl, you’re a bad-ass!

3. You care more about what you put in your body

You’ve started paying more attention to the foods you put in your body and how they make you feel. Food has become fuel, not just to get you through the day, but to help support your training and keep your body functioning optimally.

You’ve realised that restrictive diets make your body feel crap and instead prioritise nourishing your body, without fear or anxiety.

4. Your energy has improved

People are actually becoming annoyed with how happy you always are. Your general mood has improved and your energy levels throughout the day have increased.

You’re sleeping soundly and you no longer feel like a truck has hit you in the face when you wake up, you’re alert and ready to go!

5. Your most important relationship has improved

Which is, of course, the one you have with yourself!

You’ve discovered things you didn’t even know your body was capable of. You feel more connected to your body and you can now appreciate it on a whole new level. You feel proud, you feel empowered, you feel worthy.


Measuring progress keeps us motivated and on track, it gives us a goal to work towards and tangible evidence of our hard work paying off, but our success can really be measured by the impact our training in the gym has on our entire life.

Can you resonate with any of the five listed above? I’d love to know!

Melanie Corlett