Why would you ever CHOOSE to be less?

I have a question for you: 


If you asked our girls, or even our coaches, when we first started training, the answer might have been “to lose weight” or “so that I don’t put on weight” or “to fix XYZ body part that I don’t like”.

Yes, that answer might have been what you’d get if you asked us at the beginning... 

Before we pushed our way up from the bottom of a heavy squat for the first time. 

Before we first felt our lungs burn and legs buckle, but miraculously kept going in a tough conditioning workout. 

Before we got out first push up, or pull up or did a handstand or any of the other one hundred and one things we’ve learned that we can do with our bodies before we started training with purpose.

BEFORE it became so much more.

You see, it starts with realising that you’re already stronger than you knew. With learning that your body can already do more than what you thought.

Then, you become curious, and that is when the fire is lit.

You realise that the body you want is not less. You are no longer willing to be less for anyone else. 

Once you realise that your body is capable of doing incredible things and once you learn that mind can face the most difficult situations, you want more.

You want to be more.

SO Why would you ever choose to be less?


Melanie Corlett