We See You

This is not an article, it is a dedication.

A dedication to the powerful women brazenly dominating their job roles in what remains to be a predominantly male influenced world. 

The women who are fighting for equality and speaking out on our behalf.

The women who are demanding to be heard and who are changing the conversation.

We hear you, please don’t stop.

To the new mums and the seasoned mums juggling babies and small children, while working part time and trying to eat well, sleep enough and get to the gym. 

We know it’s hard, but you’re killing it.

To the women suffering auto-immune diseases, illnesses, anxiety, who are injured or just having a rough day and still making shit happen.

The women who suffer quietly because they don’t want to make a fuss.

We understand, and you are not alone.

To the women who are the cheerleaders for other women.

The women who teach our future women that they are more than how they look, that they are strong and that they too have a voice.

We need you, because you are changing the world.

To the emotional labourers, the never say no’ers, the ones who put everyone else first, every time, and still make it happen. 

To the unsung heroes that all women are, super-fucking-women getting it done, every day, with no noise, with little acknowledgement. 

We see ALL of you, and you inspire us, every day.

So thank you.


Melanie Corlett