Have you ever walked into a gym and felt like you didn’t really belong there? 

The rise in popularity of health and fitness over recent years can, in part, be attributed to an increased awareness of the important role fitness plays in maintaining overall health and longevity. While this is obviously a great thing, the problem is that with this rise in popularity, health and fitness has also become a symbol of status.

Similarly to shows of wealth and status in the form of expensive purchases, like designer label clothing, cars, and property, fitness culture is becoming more about the show of fitness rather than the actual health and fitness itself.

Suddenly, the prerequisites of “being fit” have become: wearing the latest activewear trends from the most popular labels, clean eating and posting all of your workouts and post workout green smoothies on instagram (bonus points if you’re a “fitfluencer”).

Yet, in our pursuit of showcasing how fit we are, how healthy are we actually being? 

If appearing fit has become more important that health itself, and more is better, are we now living in extremes, and overreaching simply to impress others?

Are we forcing ourselves through daily high intensity training sessions when our tired bodies are screaming at us for a break?

Are we training through illnesses and injuries because the idea of taking time away from the gym is simply not possible, an unfathomable steps backwards?

Are we too afraid of posting our indulgent weekend of wine and pizza on our social because it doesn’t fit within the ideal we are presenting to the world?

Are we choosing the gyms we train at according to how fit the other clients and coaches look, and whether it’s instagrammable or not? 

Are we really empowering ourselves through fitness like we think we are, or have we become prisoner to yet another set of standards?

Which brings me back to my original question: have you ever walked into a gym and felt like you didn’t really belong there?

At Treign Fitness, we believe in excellent coaching and programming that ignores what’s simply trendy and instead focuses on what is actually needed to improve strength and fitness.

We believe in our amazing community of women, all at different levels of fitness and at different stages in their lives, and while we do think our studio is highly instaworthy, that’s not why our girls are here. 

They are here to feel empowered, to feel accepted and to feel supported. They are here because we don’t give a shit about what they wear, or how they look or how fit they are.

We are simply here to empower women, to show women what they are capable of, and that looks different on everyone.


Melanie Corlett