Over the last three years this gym has morphed and adapted and grown just as much as the women it has welcomed through its doors. It has truly fostered my unrelenting belief that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.

This gym is built on struggle.

The struggle under the bar, pulling the bar, pressing the bar. The struggle 20 minutes into a Thursday Elevate, or 20 cals into a 50 cal bike challenge. The struggle to build up the courage to try a handstand, or a heavier weight. The struggle to push through the bottom of a squat PR.

So. Much. Struggle.

That’s why we are here. To selectively push through hard things in the hopes of coming out the other side a bit better than where we started. And we do. We struggle our way through tough things because that’s what it means to be brave with our lives.

Recently, in a few instances, we have had our values – as a team and as a gym - called into question.

To put it lightly - this hurts.

But it made me realise that we had never actually shared with you what our Values are.

I’m sure some of you are internally shouting things like “to go faster” and “if you can talk you can work harder” and “no hand holding!” I’m giggling writing this. I’m sure there might also be words like “female empowerment” and “strength” and “hard work” thrown around in there somewhere too. To which I reply – yes, we are all of those things.

But we are also so much more.

Values are everything. Without them societies crumble. Businesses fail and people fall short of their full potential. A while back we sat down as a team to refine what our values look like.

We asked questions like “who do we want to be”, “what is most important to us” and “what kind of choices will we stand by even if that makes us unpopular or un-liked”.

I love that I can share them with you today.

Our first value is Authenticity.

To us, this means that we lead from our heart. We choose love over fear. Trust over doubt. We do our best to be clear (clear is kind). We know our value and will never push to prove our worth.

Our second VALUE is Courage.

This means that every day we make a conscious effort to choose courage over comfort. This means we choose what is right (to us) over what is fun, fast, popular or easy. It is choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them. We acknowledge and take responsibility for our actions and decisions, we practice self-awareness and real-time feedback from a place of compassion & empathy. It means we often take the hard path. But we embrace the suck and lean in.

Our third VALUE is Community.

We define this as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard & valued without judgement. It is from this place that we all derive strength. The strength to get through struggle. The strength to embrace change and be brave.

Our fourth VALUE is Service.

We are here in service to our members. This gym is not about any single one person or any single one belief. That means we question everything. We hold a growth mindset, we focus less on “being right” and way more on getting it right. What we know matters but who we are and how we act matters more.

The last of our values is Trust.

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. Trust means we ask for help. It means we set boundaries, we are reliable, accountable, non-judgmental and generous. We hold space for each other, our members and ourselves and trust that everyone is doing the best they can with where they’re at.

This is us. And we are damn proud of that.

We’re definitely not on some straight line trajectory to saint-hood, we are imperfect, we have our struggles too. But in every opportunity, to the very best of our capabilities, we look to these values to guide us. And by honouring them, we honour you.

We are all messes – I think its important we acknowledge that for a moment! Just doing our best to be our best. That’s what makes this journey so damn amazing – and terrifying – and hilarious all at once. And to say we are grateful to partake in a part of yours is the understatement of the century.

We feel with you. Not above, or below, but beside.

We take this responsibility more seriously than we probably let on with our socks and slides, and hilarious side jokes, but we aren’t here to mess around. We have never been silent about who we are and we’re not about to start.

This gym was built on struggle – but struggle is not the totality of what it entails. We must remember all the other ingredients that make up who we are; the commitment, the persistence, the screams and cheers, the friendships, the “UP UP UP’s”, the high fives, bum taps, the “one more’s”, the sweaty hugs, the laughs, the triumphs, the fails, the lessons and the love … So. Much. Love. The unrelenting, jump-out-of-our-pants love that we have for what we do, this beautiful space and its beautiful community.

Yours in sweat & struggle,

Mel, Jade, Peta & Constance x

Melanie Corlett