It’s often the sexier side of gymnastics that gets people in the door.

Everyone wants to be able to do a backflip or walk on their hands, they want the cool “party tricks”. However once you hang around (literally) and experience what gymnastics training is really like, you’ll realise there’s so much more to it, and so much more to gain from it.

Here are 5 reasons you should be adding gymnastics to your weekly line up:

1. Develop better coordination, balance and body awareness

Are you a little bit unco? I can definitely relate! This is exactly why you and I should be doing gymnastics friend.

Gymnastics teaches you how to combine multiple smaller movements into a singular larger movement sequence (coordination) and also how to control your body’s centre of mass during movement (balance).

This leads to an improved sense of body awareness and will give you some necessary foundational athletic skills to help with all of your other athletic pursuits, from surfing to skiing.

2. Get crazy strong without lifting weights

Gymnasts are strong, Like, insanely strong. 

While you do use your full body, gymnastics focuses heavily on core and upper body strength development. Through a series of progressive bodyweight based movements, you’ll develop muscle and connective tissue strength that will transfer into weightlifting and other functional strength training.

A strong midline is also super important in protecting you from lower back pain, preventing injury and improving your posture.

3. Get flexy and mobilised

Feeling a little bit tight after sitting in the office all day? Gymnastics is just the thing to help you loosen up and strengthen those tight, weakened muscles.

Flexibility is important for decreasing the resistance of muscles during movement however more importantly, gymnastics will help strengthen your mobility, which is your ability to move through the full range of your joints without restriction or discomfort. 

Improving your mobility will help you infinitely with all other types of training by helping you to get into better positions with more ease, and can also improve your posture and help prevent back pain.

4. Learn perseverance & overcome your fears

Your first successful handstand against the wall can be a significant achievement for a lot of people.

Technically speaking, the movement isn’t very difficult, but pulling your body into an inverted position and relying on your upper body strength to stop you from crashing down is SCARY! 

A big part of gymnastics is learning then failing, learning then failing slightly less, and then continuing to learn until ah success!

You’ll learn to laugh at yourself when you make a mistake or fall over, because it’s really not that bad (I promise), and when you taste the sweet success of finally getting a tough movement right, it will be worth the fifty failed attempts that came before.

5. Rediscover your inner child

Handstands, swinging from bars and playing on the rings... In what other type of training do you get to relive and reconnect with your childhood like this?

There is something so liberating about forgetting about everything else going on in your life and JUST. HAVING. FUN. Because that’s exactly what training needs to be sometimes.

See you at the next class!


Melanie Corlett