6 Ted Talks That Will Change the Way You Think

While we are all about that sweaty gym life, we know it’s important to also get a mental sweat on every now and then!

We are always on the lookout for new information to challenge our perspective, continue building our own knowledge bank and facilitate personal growth.

We love Ted Talks because they cover a broad range of topics, are relatively short, you can listen to them anywhere and their speakers are engaging and entertaining while dropping a heap of knowledge bombs.

Here are 6 Ted Talks to help you break a mental sweat:

1. Dr Matthew Walker: Sleep is Your Superpower

Length: 19:11

This talk will have you heading straight to bed, after Dr Walker explains just how critical sleep is for our day to day functioning and long term health. Sleep is often considered an optional luxury in today’s society, when in reality it’s a non-negotiable biological necessity.

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2. Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Length: 18:04

Simon explores what makes great leaders so influential and successful, and it all comes back to “why”. He explains that all organisations know the “what” and “how”, but only the best know the “why” of what they’re trying to achieve.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

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3. Tim FerriSs: Why you should define your fears instead of your goals

Length: 13:21

In this Ted Talk, Tim talks about self-paralysis in decision making and taking action, and how to define and overcome your fears by “fear-setting”, in order to dial in on what is within your control, and ultimately achieve your goals.

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4. BrEné Brown: The power of vulnerability

Length: 20:19

This talk is about expanding perception, i.e. changing the way we love, live, work and parent.

Brené discusses our ability to feel connected or disconnected, why we feel this way, and how connection is ultimately the reason we are here.

She discusses her 10 years of research, which explores how, in order to feel connected we need to be vulnerable, and be really seen for who we are.

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5. Soraya Chemaly: The power of a woman’s anger

Length: 11:43

Women around the world are taught that they shouldn’t get angry, that their opinions are better left unspoken. Soraya explores why that is, and why women’s anger is in fact, healthy, justified and has the potential for greatness.

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6. Dolly Chugh: How to let go of being a “good person” and become a better person

Length: 11:48

In this talk, Dolly discusses the moral identity of being a ‘good person’ and it’s importance to us, as well as her theory on how letting go of this identity is the key to growth, and ultimately, becoming a better person.

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There are over 90,000 videos available, so if you know any other Ted Talks that have had an impact on you please let us know!

jade x

Melanie Corlett