Dear unmotivated people ... We don't want you either


It’s a hard truth. May sting a little to read. But in all honesty, we are not the type of coaches that are interested in having to hold your hand through life and convince you that training is important and you need to drink your water and eat your veggies.

If you're honest with yourself ... You already know that’s exactly what you need to be doing.

We put every ounce of spare energy we have into helping you be a better human being. So it’s only fair that we want to work with women who are ready to put in the hard yards and commit [long term] to their health and fitness journey. It’s not just about signing up and paying a membership fee … any average gym will gladly take your money … for us, it’s about reaching potential. It’s about being better than yesterday. To help you be the BEST version of yourself that you can be. And that goes well beyond just buying a membership and any physical training you complete … the impact your mental game, diet and lifestyle has on your results is massive. And we want to make sure that is all aligned. It's not easy, but neither is anything worth doing - really ... so if you're going to do it, we believe you might as well do it all, and do it right. This requires more effort. Something not everyone is willing to put in.

We aren’t average. And we don’t want you to be either. 

So if you get on an initial call with us, don’t be surprised if we refer you to another gym or program. We aren’t for everyone … and we’re not trying to be. We are looking for specific clients, just like you are looking for a specific gym. When those two stars align it is the most rewarding feeling in the world ... this is the place where mindsets shift, new habits are born and lives are changed. And we want those feelings to be mutual. 

Consider this a wake-up call. Be brave with your life. Stop half-assing your efforts. Commit to something and put in full effort.

As long as you show up and are willing to make yourself (and your health) a priority, we will be the loudest and hardest working people in your corner. We will support you, teach you, guide you, hug you, cheer you on and care about you more than any coach you’ve ever had.

But you’ve got to believe that you are worthy and that you CAN do this. No amount of inspirational YouTube videos, #fitspo or phone conversations are going to change your mind if you don’t believe it yourself.

So rip off that band-aid. Change the dialogue. SHOW UP in your life. Maybe you CAN. Maybe you WILL.

We’ll be here ready when you do …

Melanie Corlett