We've found Sydney's perfect gym ... and it's coming to Paddington

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IMAGINE if a gym existed where women could go to work out without being bothered by douchey guys.

Where world class female strength and conditioning coaches taught you how to lift weights correctly and confidently, and unleashed your inner bad-ass.

Where you actually get F.O.M.O. from missing class because it’s always such a great time and now you’ll have to wait until next week to catch up with all of your new friends.

Believe it or not … this perfect women’s gym DOES exist … and it’s coming to Paddington!

Treign Fitness (previously known as Women of Treign) is moving from Darlinghurst to Paddington in July and you should be very excited.

“We wanted to create a space where women could feel understood and not deal with all the bullshit that women usually have to go through at globo gyms.” says Melanie Corlett, owner of Treign Fitness.

“We want to show women what their bodies are capable of. We’ve been blessed with beautiful, strong bodies - no matter the size or shape. Our mission is to help women realise that, connect with that, live by that and then inspire other women to do the same.”

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What can you expect from Treign Fitness?

If you follow them on instagram (highly recommended), you might get the sense that these women just go apeshit every session throwing weights around and thrash themselves in every workout, but the reality is that there are all levels of fitness at every class and the coaches customise the program for each client’s own fitness and strength level - the reason Treign has a capped amount of clients in each intimate class.

Treign have a core strength and conditioning program that has been carefully handcrafted to cultivate the best results possible while ensuring clients aren’t overtrained or injured, which can be an issue in other fitness facilities. Although trust me when I say that you won’t feel under trained.

In addition to this core program, they also offer specialty classes for boxing, yoga, olympic weightlifting and gymnastics throughout the week. They believe that while training to be strong, fit and athletic is important, stepping out of your comfort zone, learning new skills and having ‘play time’ is just as beneficial.

The other compelling component of Treign Fitness is their stellar community.

When you rock up to a Treign class the first thing you notice is that everyone genuinely seems happy to be there, everyone knows each other and the women are already introducing themselves to unfamiliar faces.

If Treign’s mission is to create a supportive environment which allows women to discover their inner strength & confidence, their community has latched on to that mission and amplified it into something exceptional.

“The incredible coaches at Treign have smashed any negative feelings I’ve held for years against gyms and training” Cassidy (client)

“As cliche as it sounds, I’ve gotten fitter and stronger and I’ve learned a lot more about myself which rebuilt my confidence” Susan (long term client)

Now, name a more perfect gym… I’ll wait.

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Melanie Corlett