Welcome to T R E I G N F I T N E S S
Sydney’s top women-focused fitness facility


“Every woman has the right to feel amazing in her body”
Mel Corlett, Founder


our S Q U A D

Our world class coaching squad are highly trained professionals and between them have experience and specialisations across a wide range of training styles such as strength & conditioning, weightlifting, boxing, yoga and gymnastics.

our C O M M I T M E N T

Our squad of talented coaches will help you to achieve above and beyond what you thought was possible. Together we will work towards building a solid foundation with well thought out and sustainable change that lasts a lifetime. 


What our H A P P Y members say ...


"The incredible coaches and members at Treign have smashed any negative feelings I've help for years against gyms and training"

- Cassidy, Treign Member


"My insulin resistance has dropped to normal levels, my cholesterol has dropped too, so have my glucose levels. I have learnt a bucket load ... and the results are literally life changing"

- Daf, Treign Member


“As cliche as it sounds, I’ve gotten fitter and stronger and I’ve learnt a lot more about myself which rebuilt my confidence”

- susan, Treign Member



Small Group Classes

We like to keep it personal and technique is important to us. Our small group style sessions ensure you get the individualised attention you need with the added bonus of an epic cheer squad!


Specialty Training

Think of these classes as the polka dot dress in a closet of suits. The staples are important – but the special things keep it FUN! Our speciality classes focus on other areas of fitness that help us improve our skills, learn new things and mix it up!


Personal Training

Need a bit more personalisation? Girl, we got you. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle, or maintenance our coaches will work with you individually to create sustainable lifestyle habits that set you on the right path for life. We’re all about finding the right approach for YOU … not moulding your lifestyle to fit our expectations

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This is the sprinkles on-top of an already amazing cupcake. Our fitness family is what makes us who we are. Class-mates become mate-mates, coaches become mentors, and a gym becomes a ‘home’


Treign B U Z Z …


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