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  • Our Mission

    Women of Treign is not your everyday gym. Here, you won’t find mirrors on the walls, but instead chalkboards filled with dreams, goals, achievements and words of inspiration. Our community of united, supportive women speaks loudly to the success of performance based training.

    Our mission is to get you thinking about how training benefits your life - beyond the aesthetics. Treign provides a platform that encourages you to love your body for what it can DO, not just how it looks.

    We have been blessed with beautiful, strong bodies - no matter the size or shape. Our mission is to help you realise that, connect with that, live by that & then inspire other women to do the same.

  • Our method

    We start with the basics.

    Our Starter Pack makes sure you have a thorough understanding of our movement standards, proper technique as well as your personal starting point on the program. From there, our small group class format allows us to individualise your workouts, ensuring performance, progress and safety is optimised.

    Our program is structured as 50% Strength based and 50% Conditioning based. Our Strength classes are comprised of the Squat, Deadlift and Press/Pull. Our Conditioning classes are made up of our Elevate & Warrior sessions.


    Our strength program works to build you up safely while placing immense effort on technique and proper motor control. We work closely with you to ensure you body is not just strong but stable and able to support all the activities you take on in and out of the gym.

    We also include accessory work into each of our Strength sessions. These focus on building a strong midline (core), strengthening the stability of your joints, activating those lazier muscles (usually the hamstrings & glutes) improving mobility and range of motion and building better body awareness.


    These sessions are a science-based combination of short bursts at high-intensity and steady state medium & long distance workouts to see you achieve the best results possible in your training. These aren’t a boring circuit that you complete over and over again … in our classes you will never see two of the same workouts. The vibe is up-beat, energetic, motivating & (most importantly) FUN!


    We don’t just focus on the one hour you spend in the gym … the other 23 hours play a huge role in your results. This is why we offer regular check-in’s with you to ensure your lifestyle is working for you, just as much as your fitness is. We cover topics like sleep, stress, diet, hydration and mindset to ensure we address any road-block that may be inhibiting you seeing the results you deserve. Our goal is to provide you with all the tools you need to adapt a sustainable approach to health while living and enjoying all the things you love most!


    Fitness should be FUN! And there is nothing more fun than doing activities with friends! So why should the gym be any different!? Our community is about showing you that you’re not alone in your struggles … and sometimes, the missing piece is finding the right people and environment to push you towards that positive change.

  • our belief

    We believe that fitness should be FUN! And being in an environment that supports, encourages and motivates you is the golden ticket to success.

    Above all else we believe fitness should be fun & fulfilling and we want you to feel excited about every class you attend! Because this is what we believe, our Starter Pack works as a no-strings attached commitment. It’s a way for you to experience for yourself whether we are the right Fitness Home for you!

  • Your Results

    Your results are important to us, and we know that your journey is unique to You. Which is why we cater our program and services to fit your individual needs so that we can best assist you in achieving your goals.